* 1. The Tech-no list building stuff ......you can check more than one box

* 2. Helping us finish stronger and create a world class product ... Looking for your feed back about Miracles

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Loved the section on miracles, first 35 mintues, it lifted self image, I get it
Like the slower pace in list building, techno stuff
The flow charts really helped pull the recruiting and duplicating sections tgether in my mind, I really understand the sequence now
Flow charts and review of the recruiting and duplicating cycles were introduced at the perfect time
Flow charts should have been introduced earlier, you waited way too long.
I understand why you send trainings to prospects who want more information.
I understand what you meant by 'call to adventure] to the hero inside the prospect when it is time to close
I understand it but I need to know more about it to start using it
I get what to say and do so I can make a 'hero's journey' call to action without any more coaching or teaching.

* 3. How'd we do on week 21?

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Call for week 20 was great
I want more Master Key type of stuff and either Networking or List building but not both.
I want to hear from members who are doing well
I liked week 20 better with both Diane and Kathy contributing

* 4. Week 21 - Techno part ......check all that apply

* 5. Week 21's networking stuff

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Way to fast
Nice pace for a change, I really liked how it was explained and not rushed.
Flow chats and fill in sheet on coach as fantastic, let me pay attention
Outline stuff helped but I need it slower still
Are you kidding me....pick up the pace, this is easy to follow and learn
Concept of hero, closing on the hero within the propect is brilliant
I do not get the hero call to action thing at all
ho-hum......boring stuff