Welcome to CLFA Book of the Year Survey

CLFA (Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance) is an online group of readers, authors and other creative individuals who want to see more freedom-friendly storytelling in the marketplace. We provide our members with networking opportunities as well as a safe, friendly and open environment for both political and creative discussions. We are currently at over 1300 members strong, with new participants joining us on a daily basis.

CLFA Book of the Year Awards, now in their third year, seek to recognize the best in freedom-friendly fiction. To qualify for entry in the CLFA 2017 Book of the Year contest, the work has to be over 50k words and first published in any form in 2016. Our members voted to arrive at the Top 10 list, which is now open to the public for the final vote.

Note: Please consider making a small donation via Paypal to fictionalliance@gmail.com to help defray the costs of running the contest and support CLFA's mission of promoting freedom-friendly authors. Thank you!