* 1. Would you feel comfortable being hugged at work?

* 2. Would you feel comfortable being hugged at work by ANY of your colleagues.

* 3. Have you ever been uncomfortable with someone touching you at work?

* 4. Have you ever felt safe enough to say no to touch which you felt uncomfortable with at work.

* 5. Did the person making you uncomfortable change their behaviour?

* 6. Were there negative repercussions for you as a result of making a complaint?

* 7. Have you ever had anyone raise concerns about your touching or inappropriate behaviour at work?

* 8. Have you ever been formally reprimanded as a result of complaints about you touching or making people uncomfortable at work?

* 9. Do you feel safe speaking up on someone elses behalf at work?

* 10. What is the worst outcome you personally have experienced as a result of a complaint at work (on either side of the situation)

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