You have arrived at the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services' (TDMHSAS) October 2012 Stakeholder Needs Assessment Survey.

Please take the time to complete the Survey. The Survey consists of 15 questions and completion of the Survey takes approximately ten minutes.

The purpose of the Survey is as follows:

1. Allows agencies that provide advocacy and other services to consumers of mental health and/or substance abuse services in Tennessee to offer feedback to the Department about the delivery system;
2. Allows Stakeholder agencies and individuals to indicate gaps in services in the areas they serve;
3. Allows the Regional and State Planning and Policy Councils to conduct needs assessments using current and pertinent information; and
4. Allows the Department to accomplish well-informed delivery system planning for future years.

While we ask that you do your best to finish the entire Survey, you may stop at any time. The answers you have given up to that point will be included in the data aggregates.

All information is analyzed as aggregate information and no information can be identified with any individual respondent, agency or person.

Thank you for your participation.