About The Campaign

We are so excited to share with you this exciting opportunity to help spread the word of an absolutely incredible brand that helps empower & uplift women and families in Africa - Introducing Mamoyo. 

This is a pro-bono campaign as we fully believe in the power of the work Mamoyo is doing.  Please keep this in mind when applying that there are no fees associated with this campaign. However you will receive free product in exchange. As well as a happy heart knowing you have a direct impact on women & children's lives in some of the hardest hit areas of Africa. 

Mamoyo means “My Heart” in Shona, one of the native languages of Zimbabwe. Mamoyo represents exactly that- something close to our hearts, something that founder Savannah feels passionate about. Through her company, she is able to provide employment for underprivileged women as well as donate to the conservation of animals. Our products are made with love in the heart of homes or workplaces where women can care for their children and contribute to their daily work life and subsistence farming. Our hope is that moms who shop with us can in turn support mom’s in need of an income.

Savannah is a boy mom and was dissatisfied by all the plastic and generic products flooding the baby and toy market. She struggled to find authentic wooden, knitted, and natural fibre toys for her little one. She cares deeply about the sustainability and the environment and prefers to shop consciously, so it was a simple notion to create a range of baby items hand made by women in Africa. Our agenda is to uplift and support some of the most vulnerable, by empowering them with the opportunity to utilize their skills making handicrafts for Mamoyo.

Savannah prays that she will be able to continue ethically sourcing products while providing a sense of hope & purpose for the makers of our products 

We are looking for parents/grandparents with babies & young children to promote Mamoyo's stuffed animals & rattles as the perfect toys for Easter Baskets this year!

Posting Dates:  Mar 12 - 31
Deliverables: 1 x IG Post, 1 x IG Story & 1 x Pin
Compensation: Easter-themed stuffed animal/rattle from Mamoyo (+ a feel-good factor!) 

Please Note:
All social media profiles must be set to public from now through the end of 2021 to participate in any of these programs. Influencers will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be verified for quality of social media photos, following, and engagement. Additional information including product assignment, retail placement, photo guidelines, and key word messaging will be sent to each selected influencer.

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