Tell us about your visit to the dog park!

FIDO of Natick Inc is conducting this survey to better understand the traffic patterns (people, dogs, cars) at nearby dog parks so that we can make well-informed decisions during the planning and construction phase of Natick's first off-leash dog park.

Thank you for participating and please share the survey with fellow dog park enthusiasts!

To learn more about our efforts and to stay informed, join us at :)

* 1. What dog park did you visit?
(All questions following pertain to the same visit to this park.)

* 2. How would you describe this dog park?

* 3. How would you describe the weather during this visit?

* 4. What was the date and approximate time of arrival for your visit to the dog park?

Date and time of arrival:

* 5. What was the approximate duration of your stay?

* 6. How long would you say the average park goer's stay lasted during your visit?

* 7. Approximately how many people were in the dog park during your visit (including you)?

* 8. Approximately how many dogs were in the dog park during your visit (including your dog/s)?

* 9. Approximately how many parking spaces are designated for dog park visitors (not including on-street parking)?

* 10. During your visit, approximately how many parked cars belonged to dog park visitors?