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* 1. Are you aware:

  Yes No
The County has a Public Transit System?
The Transit System has a logo?
What the logo looks like?

* 2. What days would transit services accommodate your agency’s needs (Check all that apply)?

* 3. Do you?

  Yes No
Utilize the Public Transit System as a provider for your agency?
Encourage coordination with your local Public Transit provider?
Have a current schedule for the Public Transit System?
Feel the current schedule is beneficial?

* 4. What changes or expansions would help to accommodate your needs?

* 5. Are your current transportation needs within the county?

* 6. Would the communities be better off if the Public Transit System was?

  Yes No
Countywide Coordinated?
Multi-County Coordinated?
Remained the same?

* 7. Do you consider Public Transit a benefit or hindrance to your agency and community in regards to?

  Benefit Hindrance
Local Budget?
Meeting “NEEDS”?
Future Growth and Development?

* 8. Who do you feel currently rides the Public Transit system (check all that applies)?

* 9. If Public Transit was dissolved which of the following would still apply? (Check all that apply)

* 10. Thank you for participating in our survey. Would you please let us know what agency you represent and your first name? (Example = Schoharie County OFA - Susan)