Would you like to contribute to the development of a national Disaster Risk Handbook? 

This survey will inform the development of Australia's inaugural Disaster Risk Handbook. It is being conducted by the Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience. Taking part is anonymous and should take about 5 minutes.

Thank you for your support.


Katelyn Samson  – Senior Project Officer, National Handbooks
Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience

About the Disaster Risk Handbook

The new Disaster Risk Handbook will form part of the Australian Disaster Resilience Handbook Collection. It will provide guidance on national principles for Disaster Risk in Australia. It will incorporate a major review of the National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines (AIDR 2015) and reflect the new policy landscape established by the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework (Home Affairs 2018) and insights and new approaches outlined in the Guidance for Strategic Decisions on Climate and Disaster Risk.  

The handbook will be developed through a process of national collaboration with input from a broad cross section of stakeholders and subject matter experts from Across Australia.
All handbooks are freely accessible on the AIDR knowledge hub at https://knowledge.aidr.org.au/collections/handbook-collection/.

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* 1. Which of the following sectors do you currently work in? Select all that apply.

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* 2. Have you heard of the Australian Disaster Resilience Handbook Collection?

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* 3. What is your vision for the Disaster Risk Handbook? 

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* 4. How important do you think a Disaster Risk Handbook is to your organisation?

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* 5. How would you rate your level of knowledge of the concepts of systemic climate and disaster risk?

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* 6. In the context of your vision for the Handbook and the  National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework, rate the importance of the following benefits of creating the Handbook. 

  Very important  Important  Somewhat important  Not important  I'm not sure 
It will provide an authoritative, trusted source of disaster risk guidance
It will present a holistic understanding of systemic risks
It will interconnect all elements of the disaster risk ecosystem 
It will help align market, regulatory and policy incentives
It will contribute to changed governance and decision making

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* 7. Please provide more detail in relation to any responses where you selected ‘very important’ or ‘not important’.

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* 8. Please feel free to contribute any further comments.

Thank you for completing our survey!

If you would like to discuss your ideas or thoughts on the new handbook, please contact us at:  enquiries@aidr.org.au