Did you read the Safety Manual?

* 1. Who is the Safety Captain?

* 2. About what percentage of team members have First Aid and CPR training?

* 3. Who did the tool training videos?

* 4. What must you do when using the chop saw?

* 5. What is the basic PPE used by our team?

* 6. Which of the following does the team have? Check all that apply

* 7. What is the recommended maximum lift weight per person?

* 8. What precautions need to be followed to lift the robot? Check all that apply

* 9. Why is it necessary to keep the pit area clean?

* 10. What are some Safety Outreach activities we have done? Check all that apply

* 11. What is one shop safety rule?

* 12. What is one safety rule when at public events?

* 13. If you want to win a prize for completing this survey, write in your name.