1. The questions

The purpose of this online survey is to collate information about people's training needs, especially about training in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E). I hope that this information will then be viewed and used by providers of M&E training, who will then seek to meet the needs that have been described here. Supply might end up having a better fit with demand.

This survey form was designed to be used by those seeking training in M&E. If you complete this online survey you will get access to the collated results of the survey at the end of the survey form.

If you are a provider of M&E training and want to see the collated results please contact rick@mande.co.uk for a link to the results page, where you can view and analyse the collated data online, or download the data in Excel format.

If you want to suggest any additions or changes to this online survey contact rick@mande.co.uk

Thanks in advance, rick davies, www.mande.co.uk

* 1. Please indicate if you are responding to this survey:

* 2. If you are answering on behalf of a group, how many people are in that group?

* 3. What topics do you want covered in the training?
Please use 100 points to signal your interests (More points for a topic = more interest, no points for a topic = no interest)

* 4. Thinking about the topics you have selected above, ...how long do you you want the training course to be?

* 5. What proportion of time during the training program do you want spent on the following activities?
(use 100 points, giving more points to the most important item)

* 6. What would be the ideal class size? (the number of other people who will participate in the training events along with you)

* 7. Which of these options would you most prefer?

* 8. Which would you prefer

* 9. Would you be willing to take part in:

* 10. Where would you most like the training to be provided?

* 11. Which of these options, concerning the course and training provider, is most important to you:

* 12. What is the maximum amount you (or your organisation or sponsor) could pay for your training?

* 13. Would your organisation be interested in an M&E training program that is customised specifically for your organisation's needs?