* 2. What is your first name?

* 3. What is your last name?

* 4. What is the medium of your work? (eg.painting,drawing) Please specify one medium! even if you do multiple things, we try to display a cohesive body of work within the same medium for each artist. So, for example, if you paint, draw, and photograph, choose the one medium you would most like to display.

* 5. Have you ever displayed your work in a gallery or organized art display before?

* 6. Do you have an artist website, blog or facebook? If so, what is the web address?---PLEASE INCLUDE THE URL OR HANDLE---DON'T JUST RIGHT 'YES'.

* 7. What is your email address?

* 8. All artists have the option to throw a reception for their work during their month-long showing. Is this something you would be interested in?

If accepted for display, we will be in touch with you! We get many submissions every week and try to respond to as many as possible, but don't always get to respond to everyone. However we do see all of them! If we accept you we will respond, but if you don't hear back from us unfortunately we were not able to fit you in, or feel your work doesn't fit out space.
We take a %40 cut of all sales from the hanging wall! You get the other %60. We will write you a check for your cut at the end of your month.
We charge a $75 hanging fee. All art must be wired, and framed (canvases are not required to be framed, however we do recommend it. But they must be wired for hanging)
Upon bringing in your work at the agreed upon time please bring a $75 hanging fee check made out to Out of the Blue Too. Each piece of work should have a piece of tape with your name, the title of the piece and the price stuck to the back. We will have a contract here for you to sign.
All artists have the opportunity to throw a reception for their work during their showing. details will be discussed upon acceptance.
All showings are a month long.
IMPORTANT: If you do not have a website/blog/artist's facebook,  please send us an email with 5-7 images of your work attached. The email can be sent to ep2992@hotmail.com