Proposed schedule change.

As a means to better serve the Lana'i community, Expeditions is considering adding an additional day to our current Covid-19 based 3 day schedule.

In doing this we are evaluating many important variables;

Most importantly, the health of all passengers and employees. Especially the effects that inter-island travel may have on the Lana'i and Maui County communities.

Secondly, the needs of the Lana'i community in general, both her people and businesses. Please note that Expeditions must follow all Federal, state and county mandates/restrictions.

Also importantly, given the difficult business climate in Hawaii and Maui County due to the pandemic; We are doing our best to balance the financial health of our company. We are working hard to return all of our furloughed employees to work without concern of disruptions that could arise by adding to our current schedule too quickly. 

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* 2. I am in favor of Expeditions adding an additional day to their current 3 day schedule.

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