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* 1. Thank you for participating in Veg School Master Plan Survey!!

With your feedback, Veg School will be able to serve the people better and tailor various courses to specific needs/demands :)

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I hope Veg School will be conducting classes in

* 2. I prefer Veg School to be set up in the following regions:

* 3. I wish that Veg School will teach the following topics

* 4. I prefer Veg School to hold classes during

* 5. I prefer to attend classes at Veg School at the following frequency

* 6. The maximum amount I would invest into a basic vegetarian course (8-9 lessons) at Veg School [including 6 theory classes and 1-2 practical cooking classes and 1 students' projects presentation session.] is:

* 7. I would like to attend or recommend family/friends to attend classes in Veg School because: