Global Health Workforce Network Gender Equity Hub Call for Submissions

Call announcement:

The WHO Global Health Workforce Network (GWHN) thematic hub on Gender Equity in the Health and Social Workforce was launched at the 4th Global Forum on Human Resources for Health in November 2017.  The purpose of the Hub is to accelerate large-scale gender-transformative progress to address gender inequities and biases in the health and social workforce for the SDGs as envisioned by the Working for Health five-year action plan.

The Hub is conducting a global call for submissions to bring together available experience and evidence on analysing and addressing gender inequities and occupational segregation issues across the education, training, employment and career progression of health and social workers. This call for submissions is the crowd-sourced component of a mapping exercise that is being undertaken by the Hub to identify key stakeholders and map existing initiatives, published and gray literature and programmes of relevance, including intersectoral opportunities to progress this agenda. The global mapping exercise will bring together the evidence and know-how to inform the Terms of Reference and work plan of the Hub. 

Individuals, groups, organizations and countries are invited to contribute to this call. Submissions from outside the health and social sectors are also greatly welcomed.

Submissions may include scientific, social and community research evidence, case studies, programmes, policies, strategies on workforce gender equity and occupational segregation. Authors should specify how these initiatives contribute to or have the potential to contribute to progressing gender equity in the community, institutional, national, regional and/or global level.

Submissions are sought on the following areas of gender inequities in the health and social workforce:
  1. Increasing opportunities for education and training, (and career progression)
  2. Transforming unpaid care and informal work into decent jobs
  3. Equal pay for work of equal value
  4. Decent working conditions and occupational safety and health
  5. Promoting employment free from harassment, discrimination and violence
  6. Equal representation in management and leadership positions
  7. Social protection, child care, and elderly care
  8. Occupational segregation
Submissions should address the following questions:
  1. Describe the important contextual factors that were relevant to the study/initiative:
  2. Describe the gender-inequity relevant objective(s) of the study/initiative:
  3. Describe the study methodology or intervention(s) implemented in the initiative:
  4. How was the study/initiative implemented?
  5. What were the key findings or outcomes?
  6. What were the strengths of the study/initiative?
  7. What were the weaknesses of the study/initiative?
  8. What were the lessons learned?
  9. How will the study/initiative findings or outcomes be used in the future?

Submissions are welcome in English, French or Spanish through this template
Deadline for submission: 30 January, 2018
If you have any questions or for more information on this call, please email: