Community sustainability is the process of creating balance among the environment, the economy and society to ensure that meeting the needs of today does not compromise the quality of life for future generations. A recent Lakewood citizen survey found overwhelming support for the City government investing resources to help sustain the local environment (95% ‘strongly’ or ‘somewhat’ supportive, 2013). Help us identify topics, ideas, programs or actions to achieve a sustainable Lakewood!


* 1. Civic Engagement

E.g. engagement in local government, civic organizations, community service, neighborhoods

* 2. Equity and Human Services

E.g. access to government info, public services, job training, poverty reduction

* 3. Security and Public Safety

E.g. police and fire protection, local/regional emergency management, neighborhood watch

* 4. Cultural Identity and Sense of Place

E.g. connections between people and place, historic preservation, community events, art


* 5. Health

E.g. active living programs, nutrition programs and education, affordable health care

* 6. Education

E.g. workforce training, preschool programs, educational performance, higher education

* 7. Food and Sustenance

E.g. access to healthy food, urban agriculture, community gardens, farmers markets

* 8. Housing

E.g. affordability, housing choices, ownership opportunity, walkable neighborhoods