* 1. What is your first and last name? ((Type both first and last name in the display below also paste your resume in this field. www.winfree.org (is being updated we apologize for the inconvenience) After filling out the survey if you qualify expect a personal call from Dr. Winfree the Managing Partner and Coach and founder with Winfree Business Growth Advisors)) Would you call 502-245-9053 for Dr. Winfree to schedule a date and time.  Leave two different times on two different days we can meet by phone in the evening EST.

* 2. Where did you hear of this position? (job posting, email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, broker, other be specific) Also add if you are employed yes or no and the city you want to work.

* 3. What is your EMAIL?

* 4. What is your cell phone number? and home phone number? or work phone number? (Type numbers separated by commas)

* 5. ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED: Are you interested in building a ten office region out of your city? (This is a $10,000,000 gross revenue group) This is an investment on your part up to $150,000 plus ad and marketing expense. You will be able to sell 10 partnerships under you which is Income potential: You will gross 2% on any Bond Funding that we do such as a $40,000,000 project. You will also gross 10% on the fee we charge sellers for any business that we market and sell. For example, on a $3,000,000 dental practice or for any business you will net $225,000 after splitting with management. On any coaching fee for example $20,000 you will net $15,000. The split is 75/25 with Winfree the first year.  The highest split level is 95/5.

* 6. Are you coachable and willing to follow a proven system?  This is important many people think they are coachable but will not follow the system.  The system and the coaching is why you buy into a partnership or agency.  Be honest with all your answers this will prevent problems later in the process.  Are you willing to work as an independent contractor with the right to use your own company name.

* 7. Are you sick and tired of working for someone else with no assurance of security and do you want financial independence? and Can you network with the commercial banks, architects, CPA's, business owners in your greater market? You are willing to invest $50,000 for the training and first year marketing?

* 8. This is a great ROI and a partnership like Ernst & Young or Accenture or A.T. Kearney or Booz Allen Hamilton or Allstate agency. Would you like to see yourself as a partner with an up and coming International consulting group or financial services company? On retirement you sell to the newer people coming up the ladder that is how the others work or the company will buy you out.

* 9. I am ready for a change in responsibility in my life and I will take 100% responsibility for my results and I do understand that whatever money I invest there are no guarantees and no refunds. However, you can sell your practice. I understand that a firm partnership up to $150,000 with an annual ad and marketing expense of $14,000 to generate leads and you or your team must network in your community for leads.  We pay for  a winfree web site, google listing, business cards, email and post card leads the first year value of $14,000.

* 10. I do have a source of funds from my spouse and/or family to help me during the first 12 months? My family net worth is as follows:

* 11. Which of the 5 concepts below are you interested in building in your market? (All or anyone): 
A. Mergers & Acquisitions and Venture Capital and bond funding for Any Organization?

* 12. B. Executive Search, Outplacement and Recruiting of any Position in an Organization?

* 13. D. Coach, Mentor and Train Executives in any Organization (Profit and Non-Profit)

* 14. C. Coach, Mentor and Train Sales People and Executives that Sell?

* 15. E. Corporate taxes, audit, accounting, life insurance, property and casualty and retirement planning including the personal taxes for officers of the company?