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I - Client Coach Relationship - As the client's life coach, Jon Jon & Co. will partner with the client on a journey of growth in the mind, body and soul. The coach will develop a plan alongside the client. The function of Jon Jon & Co. life coaching is to help discover, create a plan and reach goal's in the client's life. The coaching services will aid in the client discovery of issues/beliefs that are blocking spiritual growth. The coach will help with realistic plans and hold the client accountable.

II - Terms of Service - Achieving the results set forth by the coach takes time. In order for the coaching to be most effective - the client should strongly consider working with the coach for at least 90 days. In order to allow time for changes and results to occur in the client's life, the client will commit to a period of three months. Either part may terminate the coaching relationship at any time after agreeing to have a final session before concluding the relationship. This meeting will also dissolve any debts/outstanding fees. The coach agrees to refund any unused prepaid sessions.

III - Scheduled Sessions - Regular coaching sessions will be delivered by meeting at a specific time and place agreed upon by the coach and client. Coaching sessions will last for 60 minutes (at minimum) at the rate of $150 for individuals and $200 for couples. Prepaid coaching packages are available for a lower rate.

IV - Cancellation of Appointments -  The client is responsible for any regular session fees should the client cancel with less than 24 hours notice. Cancellations should be given by telephone, not email, whenever possible - text works, as well.

V - Confidentiality - The client's identity, relationship and content of the sessions are strictly confidential, except a situation where such confidentiality would violate the law or cause harm - moral and legal obligation.

VI - Payment - Jon Jon  Co. accepts credit cards and cash.

VII - Liability - Client agrees and understands Jon Jon & Co. are not medical or physiological professionals, rather, holistic healers that work in conjunction with modern medicine. Jon Jon & Co. is not a substitute for a psychotherapy or medical practice. If a situation arise where medical/psychological intervention is needed, Jon Jon & Co. is ethically and legally bound to refer the client to a mental health and/or medical professional.


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