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Forge Recruitment is proud to present our 4th annual Outstanding Professionals Awards!
Each year Forge Recruitment recognizes outstanding professionals within the Legal and Accounting & Finance sectors. 
This is your opportunity to acknowledge and praise a colleague or peer who has done outstanding work in their job over the past year.  You can give back and show appreciation to those who regularly show their hard work, dedication, and commitment to the job and profession!
General Eligibility Rules
To qualify for the Outstanding Professionals’ Awards, nominees must meet all the guidelines outlined below:
-        Nominee must be currently working within one of the professional categories listed below
-        Nominee must be working within Canada
-        You can nominate yourself
-        You can nominate more than one person
Who to nominate?
Nominees must be from one of the below categories:
·       Outstanding Legal Assistant/Legal Administrative Assistant
·       Outstanding Law Clerk/Paralegal
·       Outstanding Legal Office Manager
Accounting & Finance
·       Outstanding Junior Accounting Professional
·       Outstanding Senior Accounting Professional
·       Outstanding Accounting Management Professional
During the first phase of the awards, August 8 – August 19, nominees will be submitted for any of the professional categories. The top 3 nominees for each professional category (based on the total number of nominations received for the nominee as well as the quality of the reason for nomination as decided on by our judges) will move to the second phase of the awards. 
During the second phase of the awards, August 23 – September 2, the public will vote on the top 3 nominees for each professional category. Names and a top reason for the nomination will be made public, allowing votes to be made based on reason.

The winners will be announced on September 6, 2022, and will receive public recognition on all Forge Recruitment social media platforms.

How to make your nomination?

Below you will find a list of categories within the Legal and Accounting & Finance sectors.  Nominate a professional for the relevant category that you think deserves appreciation and recognition for their outstanding work.

Each nomination must include the nominee's full name, the company they are employed at, their job title, the city they work in, and the reason why they should be nominated. In 3-5 sentences, tell us why this person should be considered the top professional in their category (be specific and feel free to use examples). Examples are encouraged.

Nominations will be accepted from August 18th through to August 19th, 2022. Nominations will be made anonymously.

What do the winners get?
The prize will include a plaque acknowledging your achievement, a gift basket of assorted treats, and Forge Recruitment swag.
Good Luck to all nominees!

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* 5. Reason for Nomination (3-5 brief sentences. Examples are encouraged)

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