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* 1. Which country is the largest carbon emitter?

* 2. How many parts per million of carbon dioxide can our atmosphere hold and keep our climate stable enough to sustain life as we know it?

* 3. What year has been the hottest year on record?

* 4. Choose at least 1 that is NOT a top 5 of the scientific consensus on the signs of climate change?

* 5. What is the name of the largest melting ice sheet?

* 6. When will the Arctic be ice free if current trends continue?

* 7. Aside from climate change, what are the top 2 most critical environmental challenges to human survival? (This question is a tad subjective so we are grading on the curve here!)

* 8. Name 3 of the top 5 critical impacts of climate change on the human race, AND the planet?

* 9. Name 2 of the top direct causes of climate change? (This is a bit of a trick question.)

* 10. Demographic Information