* 1. Have you taken either of the Spectrum of Physician Advocacy elective courses?

* 2. Did you attend our August Grand Rounds session featuring Dr. Chamberlin?

* 3. If yes, was Dr. Chamberlin's session useful?

* 4. Any comments / suggestions for improving Dr. Chamberlin's session?

* 5. Did you attend the September Grand Rounds: Interview Screening Question Workshop?

* 6. If yes, how useful was the Screening Question Workshop?

* 7. Any comments / suggestions for improving the Screening Question Workshop?

* 8. If you have not come to either Grand Rounds, why not?

* 9. Do you prefer attending events at lunchtime or in the evening?

* 10. Are there any specific topics or speakers you would like to see at Advocacy Grand Rounds this year?

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