Sustainable Fairfax would like to hear from you!

We are working on our plans for 2017 but we need to prioritize our time and resources. Please take our quick survey and let us know which issues matter to you most.

* 1. Would you like to take action on climate change and conservation of our natural resources?

* 2. If yes, please select the topics you would like to take action on:

* 3. Prioritize the topics you would like Sustainable Fairfax to take action on:

  Not a Priority Low Priority Medium Priority High Priority
Water Conservation
Zero Waste- composting, landfill waste reduction, fix-it events, re-use
Alternative Transportation- programs to inspire biking, walking, carpooling, public transportation
Climate Justice- attending marches, engagement with elected officials, advocacy
Local Food- seed saving and seed swaps, harvest exchange, gleaning
Permaculture- sustainable gardening and ecosystem support
Green Infrastructure- stormwater management, bioswales
Community Events- film & speaker series, Streets for People, Fairfax Craft Faire
Sustainable Youth Program- internships, mentorships
Emergency Preparedness- being prepared for fire/flooding/earthquakes

* 4. Are you interested in volunteering with Sustainable Fairfax in any of the following ways?

* 5. Which Sustainable Fairfax programs/initiatives/events have you participated in, and how would you rate their value to you and/or the community?

  N/A Not beneficial / not worthwhile May be beneficial to others Beneficial to me and/or the community HIGHLY beneficial to me and/or the community
Zero Waste Education (ie composting workshops, waste-related films, sorting game, zero waste signage at events, education at recycling stations at events, Fairfax Zero Waste Facebook Page, door-to-door food waste campaign, info at Good Earth board)
Fairfax Take Back Day (e-waste, paper shredding, prescription drug take back)
Water Conservation program (ie laundry-to-landscape greywater workshops, rainwater catchment workshops, bike tour of local greywater systems, water-related films, panel of experts on water conservation, info on Good Earth board)
Sustainable Fairfax Environmental Film Series at Women's Club
ReduceX2: Fairfax on Foot walks
ReduceX2: Slow Riders bike rides
ReduceX2 Challenge
Fairfax Streets for People event
Fairfax Craft Faire
Community Seed Swap at Fairfax Library
Seed saving and seed harvesting talks
E-Newsletter Updates
Climate Change-related events sponsored by Sustainable Fairfax (ie Time to Lead on Climate)
Green Infrastructure Work Days at Pavilion Parking Lot (improving storm drainage)
Bring it Home Compost Program (free compost deliveries to Fairfax residents from Marin Sanitary Service)
Garden work at Fairfax Women's Club

* 6. Please provide your contact information (to follow up re: volunteering and/or to notify you if you win the Sustainable Fairfax grocery bag)

THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE SURVEY!  Learn more about Sustainable Fairfax at