1. BSN One Year Follow-up

To determine our strengths and areas for improvement of our BSN program, we are conducting one year follow-up surveys on our academic year 2011-12 BSN graduates. Please complete the following questionnaire on our graduate. Your answers will remain strictly confidential and will be combined with answers from other employers to generate statistical reports for analysis. We value your feedback and will use it to improve our programs and services at the College. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful responses.

* 1. The BSN graduate is prepared to:

  Completely Agree Generally Agree Not Certain Generally Disagree Completely Disagree
Demonstrate respect for diversity and the inherent rights and dignity of individuals, families, and communities.
Apply knowledge synthesized from the humanities, sciences, and nursing.
Exhibit critical thinking and decision-making skills in theoretical and clinical situations.
Demonstrate ability to function in the roles of a provider of care; designer, manager, and coordinator of care; and as a member of the nursing profession.
Provide therapeutic interventions based on assessment and strategies for promotion and maintenance of health, prevention of illness, restoration of health, and preservation of dignity in death for individuals, families, and communities.
Incorporate professional standards, code of ethics, concepts of global health care, theory, and research into nursing practice.
Synthesize principles of leadership and management.
Communicate effectively and/or therapeutically with clients, families, and other healthcare providers.
Analyze impact of cultural, economical, social, environmental,and political factors on the health of individuals, families, and communities.

* 2. If you disagreed with any of the above statements, please explain: