The proposal for a North Island 800 Event

The Distance Riders Organising Group is keen to get feedback and suggestions about this concept for an annual North Island 800 ride. If there’s enough support, then we’ll add it to our schedule for 2016.

Here’s the proposal as it currently stands:

-        Held on the same weekend as the North Island 1,600 (8-9 October 2016)
-        Starting and finishing from Event HQ at the Turangi Kiwi Holiday Park
-        800km minimum distance (route practicalities may make this a bit longer)
-        Route announced at 7:00pm on Friday 7 October. This event is not just a “day ride”. Participants will be encouraged to attend the Friday night route announcement and then take time planning their ride prior to starting. Riders should plan for two nights’ accommodation at Turangi.
-        We estimate we will be able to offer the ride for a $30 entry fee (Riders should allow $120 for 2 nights’ cabin + $20 for 2 cooked breakfasts. Or $80 for 2 nights shared cabin + $20 for 2 cooked breakfasts, or make their own accommodation arrangements at Turangi.)
-        Start from 10:00am on the Saturday
-        Pillions allowed
-        Restricted Class 6 licenses allowed (ride should be able to be completed before the NZTA curfew)
-        Photo checkpoints only
-        Dinner available for riders and pillions on completion
-        Metal badge and certificate for completing riders and pillions
-        Sealed roads only
-        No pre-start scrutineering, but all bikes must have current registration and WOF
-        Accommodation available at the Turangi Kiwi Holiday Park.

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* 1. I think that a North Island 800 ride (as outlined above) is a good idea

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* 2. I would be interesting in participating in a North Island 800 ride

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* 3. I know other riders who may be interested in participating in a North Island 800 ride

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* 4. Are the estimated entry costs acceptable for an event like this?

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* 5. Please outline any comments or suggestions you may have for such an event.

Thanks for taking time to complete this survey. Please forward a link to others you think are interested. We'll publish results in our newsletters.

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