Unity, SK

The 2016 Business Gap Analysis conducted for the Unity & District Chamber of Commerce and Town of Unity, identified 'age-friendly leisure and entertainment options' as a potential gap in the current business environment. Since the closure of 2nd Ave Bowl, there has been several requests to examine and promote the re-establishment of a family fun centre/bowling centre. The following survey is meant to gather information that will possibly assist in determining the feasibility of a Family Recreation Centre in Unity.

* 1. Is bowling an activity you enjoy?

* 2. Do you regularly bowl at other bowling alleys in the area?

* 3. If a bowling/recreation centre started up in Unity, would you use it? How often?

* 4. Would you become part of a bowling league in Unity?

* 5. If you answered Yes or Maybe, what months would you suggest leagues be run?

* 6. What would attract you to the bowling alley?

* 7. Would you be interested in volunteering or working at the bowling/recreation centre?

* 8. Where would you like to see the recreation facility located?

* 9. If a community meeting to further discuss this potential project is held, would you like to be contacted, if yes, provide name, number, and email.

* 10. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?