The Lower Georgia Avenue Main Street is a new community-based economic development program to support small businesses and neighborhoods along the Georgia Avenue corridor from Kansas Avenue to Barry Place. The program is funded through a grant to the local nonprofit District Bridges from the DC Department of Small and Local Businesses.


We hope you will help the program better understand community priorities by completing this survey no later than Monday, May 7, 2018. For more information on the Lower Georgia Avenue Main Street, please see the District Bridges website (

* 1. What three words come to mind when you think about Lower Georgia Avenue? (please limit to one word answer)

* 2. The top 3 issues facing Lower Georgia Ave (Kansas Ave. to Barry Place):

* 3. Which businesses do you most often patronize on the Lower Georgia Avenue corridor (from Kansas Ave to Barry Pl)?

* 4. What 5 business types would you like to see withinLower Georgia Ave. that are not currently present?

* 5. What percentage of the time do you shop on the Lower Georgia Avenue corridor?

* 6. What time of day do you most typically do you shopping (not just on Lower Georgia Ave.)?

* 7. What day of the week do you most frequently shop (not just on Lower Georgia Ave.)?

* 8. Where do you live?

* 9. If you could live in a Lower Georgia Ave neighborhood, in which one would you like to live?

* 10. Where do you work?

* 11. How old are you?

* 12. What is your occupation?

* 13. What is your approximate annual income?

* 14. What is your gender?

* 15. In one sentence, describe what sets apart the area around Lower Georgia Ave (Petworth, Park Place, Pleasant Plains and Howard University neighborhoods) from other DC neighborhoods?