The Develop 100 will return in June, shining a light on the hottest UK studios today.

But to create this essential guide, we need input. We are allowing UK studios to submit details on their business.

We've set up this survey form here asking for basic information about your studio plus, and most importantly, details across four key areas: Heritage & Reputation; Commercial Success; Creativity & Product; and Potential.

These categories will help us understand your activity and work - whether you are a new mobile outfit with no games released or a console studio with lots of titles under your belt.

Information supplied will be used to decide the order of the Develop 100 and help us write profiles of them - please tick the box if you are supplying information you DO NOT want us to print.

We will also use the basic 'about' data to compile a glossary of ALL the studios in the UK.

We've also asked for contact details just to check it's a real human filling in the form - and so we can follow up where necessary.

The results from this survey will be published in June 2013, as well as online at

Click next below to start filling in details so your studio can be considered for the Develop 100.