Derbyshire Medicines Management Team

Dear Colleague

We would greatly appreciate 5 minutes of your time to help us with this short self learning exercise on the knowledge that healthcare professionals have around inhaled respiratory medications. You can take the exercise if you work in healthcare, whether clinical or managerial, respiratory or otherwise.

In return, we hope that by the end of this you will have learnt something that will be thought provoking, and make a change to your day to day practice.

Please feel free to forward this link to any colleagues who you think may also be interested in the information contained. By spreading this knowledge, we may be able to increase awareness of the problems highlighted in the following questions and improve our practice for the benefit of patients.

Local NHS information regarding the use of respiratory inhalers in Derbyshire including formularies and guidelines can be found at:

Many thanks for your time. If you have any queries or would like to learn more about your or your practice prescribing, please contact your CCG medicines management pharmacist or technician.

* 1. In the last 12 months have you sought further education or resources regarding respiratory inhalers for your own professional development?