Health Coach Assessment

Answer the questions below and I will use your answers to determine if I am the best Health Coach to serve your needs and guide you towards successfully transforming your life from restless and run-down to completely RENEWED! 

* 1. What is currently your top health concern?

* 2. In what ways have you attempted to address or fix this concern in the past?

* 4. What benefits would you expect to gain from working with a Holistic Health Coach?

* 5. In which of these Life Areas do you have the LEAST satisfaction? (Choose your top 3)

* 6. What is the most important thing you can do to improve your health right now?

* 7. What content would benefit you the most in a coaching program? (Choose your top 4) 

* 8. Choose your top 3 Focus Points from the list below.

* 9. Thanks for taking the time to complete this Assessment. This step alone shows how committed you are to creating real and lasting change in your life. The transformation begins...Enter your contact info below and sit back and relax while I read over your answers. I'll be reaching out to you soon to let you know if you meet the criteria to be one of my ideal clients and I, your new coach and confidante!