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* 1st Troop Level:

* 2nd Troop Level:

* 3rd Troop Level:

* 4th Troop Level:

* I have been a troop cookie manager for:

* What was the average number of packages sold per girl (total from Final Troop Report):

* Was the troop's average number of packages sold greater or fewer than in 2012?

* What do you think caused this change, if any?

* How many girls in your troop attended one or more Cookie Rallies this year?

* Please check Yes, No or Not Applicable (N/A) fo the following questions:

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I attended Troop Cookie Manager Training.
I took Troop Cookie Manager Training online.
This training prepared me for the cookie sale.
This training prepared me to train the girls.
I received my materials in a timely manner.
It was helpful to me to have online access to some cookie forms.
Forms for the cookie sale were understandable.
Forms for the cookie sale were easy to use.
The 2013 Cookie Book was helpful.
I received timely assistance when I called my Service Unit Cookie Consultant.
I received timely assistance when I called my Regional Product Sales Manager.
My troop got the parents involved.
One or more of the girls in my troop earned the first tier initial order bonus (tote bag) by selling 150+ boxes on their initial order.
If yes, one or more of these girls were motivated to sell 15 more boxes to reach the 165+ box level and earn the second tier initial order bonus (T-shirt).
The Sweet Success Event (500+ level) and/or CEO Event (1,000+ level) motivated my girls.
My troop was satisfied with the cookie sale dates.
My troop was satisfied with cookie delivery.
The pending orders process to reserve cupboard cookies was easy to use.
My troop was satisfied with the service of the cookie cupboards.
My troop participated in cookie booth sales.

* If yes, what type of cookie booth did you do?

* Average number of packages sold at our cookie booths:

* Please continue....

  Yes No N/A
The eBudde cookie booth request system was easy to use and understand.
The Add-A-Friend Campaign wristband incentive motivated my girls to reach the 150 pkg. level.
Would your troop like to continue selling Snack Bars?
I was comfortable with the financial process—how money was collected by the council, when final payment was due, Troop Request for Collection Assistance Forms, etc.
The girl recognitions helped motivate the girls in my troop.
My troop was aware of the proceeds bonus for the service unit.
Did your troop utilize any of the Little Brownie cookie sale resources? (Activities or information from www.littlebrowniebakers.com or the fold-out program resource provided in your troop sales materials.)

* Please continue....

  Yes No N/A
Did your troop participate in a walk-about or door-to-door sale?

* Please continue....

  Yes No N/A
Did your troop utilize the 5 for Five coupons?
Did your troop complete a Financial Literacy or Cookie Business badge from The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting?
Did your credit cards at cookie booths?
If yes, do you feel it helped increase sales?
My troop had girls participate in cookie club.

* Please continue...

  Yes No N/A
The Cookie Star patch pin motivated girls to send 30 or more emails through cookie club.

* Before, during or after the cookie sale, did at least 55% of your troop do any of the following:

  Yes No N/A
Discuss girls' interests, skills & strengths
Talk about each girl's responsibilities
Think about ways to be safe
Try new activities
Have fun
Make friends
Meet people of different ages, races & abilities
Respect others
Solve an argument
Agree on how troop members would act
Set goals as a troop
Set individual goals
Plan and carry out activities
Take a chance or a risk
Find out more about the community
Help decide how to spend any money the troop earned
Act as leaders
See ways girls and women can work in the community

* Comments from the GIRLS:

* Comments from the PARENTS:

* What would better help you carry out your job as the troop cookie manager?

* Next year...

  Yes No Not sure
I'd consider being appointed to this position next year.
I'd consider being appointed service unit cookie consultant next year.
I would be willing to volunteer at my Regional Service Center with next year's cookie sale.

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