* 1. What is your role? (if multiple roles apply, please select the response that most closely matches your primary job)

* 2. Was this webinar relevant to your day-to-day work?

* 3. I am clear on how to use the information presented.

* 4. The following webinar objectives were clear:

Learning Objectives - Participants will:
1. Understand how the co-location of a domestic violence advocate in child protective services benefits both case practice and client outcomes.
2. Learn factors and agreements that influence co-location implementation.
3. Identify 3 challenges associated with co-location programs and 3 strategies to overcome them.

* 5. As a result of this webinar, do you have new ideas about how to approach your work?

* 6. Were the presenters knowledgeable and able to answer the participants' questions?

* 7. The presenters communicated their content effectively.

* 8. I learned something new about _____________ on the webinar.

* 9. Was the webinar technology an effective tool for sharing this information?

* 10. How could this webinar have been improved?

* 11. I would like to see a webinar presented on the topic listed below: