Dear Maker,

We heard the other day that Origin has been cancelled. For good.

The Craft Council are planning a different type of event next year but are leaving the retail craft market.

It has been suggested by some makers that MADE organise a show in central London this Autumn. I'm writing to ask if you would support us if we organised a new craft fair - MADE-LONDON this year.

We would not seek to replace ORIGIN we would not have access to the funds that the Crafts Council had and we would try to emulate the feel of MADE-Brighton with a diverse, fresh, exciting selection of about 120 makers across all disciplines. The show would aim to have a very high standard of selection but the event itself could not be as expensively produced as ORIGIN. It would be stripped back to the basics but hopefully be as enjoyable and popular as MADE Brighton is.

We're really appreciate your feedback before we think about embarking on this major undertaking.

With best wishes
Jon Tutton