* 1. When you visited our online shop, what were you looking for?

* 2. Did you find what you were looking for?

* 3. If you browsed products but didn’t buy anything, or you hesitated, why was that?

* 4. Have you bought anything from the Museum's online shop before? Please say what you bought, if anything:

* 5. Have you visited the Natural History Museum in person before? (We're the one with the dinosaurs...)

* 6. How did you get to our online shop?

* 7. If you ever bought something from us online, how easy was it to make payment on the website?

* 8. Do you think we should sell different products? Or more of some kinds of products?

* 9. What, if anything, would make it more likely for you to buy something from us?

* 10. What else would improve the Natural History Museum's online shop?

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