* 1. Name:

T. Kohnen
Incisional and coagulative corneal procedures: principles, techniques and results

* 2. On which principle does laser thermal keratoplasty work?

* 3. Incisional surgery using limbal relaxing incisions are used for correcting astigmatism up to:

J. Krumeich
Overview of microkeratomes

* 4. Use of the Femtosecond laser will create a more exact outcome of the refractive correction than a linear Microkeratome

* 5. The applanation of a femtosecond microkeratome is softer than the one of a mechanical microkeratome and creates a better surface

D. Touboul
Intrastromal corneal implants

* 6. The best candidate for intracorneal ring implantation for keratoconus is:

E. Rosen
Refractive lens exchange

* 7. Independent risk factors for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment following Refractive lens exchange (RLE) include:

1. retinal detachment in the contra-lateral eye
2. axial length > 26mm
3. lattice retinal degeneration
4. Nd:YAG capsulotomy

* 8. The incidence of angiographic cystoid macular oedema (CMO) is considerably higher than of visually significant CMO.

A. Marinho
Overview of phakic IOLs

* 9. Which is the minimal AC depth for implantation of Phakic IOls?

* 10. The following phakic IOL is suitable to correct the following refraction: sph +6.00 cyl+3.00x 90º

O. Findl
Multifocal IOLs

* 11. Which one of the following is an optical phenomenon typical of multifocal IOLs?

* 12. In which of the patient groups below has multifocal IOL technology been used most commonly and successfully for presbyopic refractive lens exchange (PRELEX)?

G. Grabner

* 13. Select the true statement:
The theory for accommodation (and the development of presbyopia) - that is scientifically validated is:

* 14. The correction of presbyopia is currently NOT possible by:

R. Applegate
Quality of vision evaluation

* 15. The optical transfer function has two components the modulation transfer function (MTF) and the phase transfer function (PTF).

* 16. As the pupil dilates from approximately 3 mm to 6 mm in diameter:

C. Roberts
Biomechanics of the cornea

* 17. What are the hallmarks of the biomechanical response to laser refractive surgery?

* 18. Which of the following is the greatest source of artifact in Goldmann tonometry?

J. Güell
Refractive reoperations and enhancements

* 19. Which statement is false about bioptics:

* 20. The most efficient treatment for epithelial ingrowth after LASIK is:

V. Katsanevaki
Optical complications of refractive surgery

* 21. How do human eye’s optical aberrations correlate with pupil size?

* 22. Which are the major limitations of “super vision”?

R. Nuijts
Complications of phakic IOLs

* 23. Which statement is WRONG?

* 24. Which statement in RIGHT:

G. Kymionis
Customised ablational procedures

* 25. The main problem of conventional treatments for the correction of myopia is that they induce changes in the spherical aberration of the eye. Optimized treatments are those that consider:

* 26. In a case of residual refraction and night visual symptoms caused by a previous laser surgery with a small optical zone, the correction is better performed by: