What can the Good Heart do for me?

We want to hear from all members of the community about what they want to see happening in Frome, but particularly Young People.
Please finish the sentences, so we can get to know you all a little better…
1.I wish the town had more things for Young People like…(Required.)
2.Three things that I enjoy doing / thinking about are…(Required.)
3.Outside of school I am involved in these community groups (ie YMCA, youth group, club)…(Required.)
4.Something I’d love to learn / explore / talk about is…(Required.)
5.If I could design an event for the kindness festival, it would be…(Required.)
6.I think Kindness is…(Required.)
7.The thing that most worries me about the world is…(Required.)
8.The thing I like / hate most about Frome is… (make sure to tell us if it’s like or hate!)…(Required.)
9.One thing I wish the adults around me understood is…(Required.)
10.The social media platforms I use are (ie instagram, tiktok)…(Required.)