Deadline for return of this survey is noon on June 2. No ballots (in any form) will be accepted after the deadline.
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I hereby appoint the Clerk of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville, or in the Clerk’s absence, any
other officer of the Congregation, to act for me and cast my votes as indicated below at the Annual
Congregational Meeting on June 4, 2017 or any meetings to which that meeting may be adjourned. I understand
that if there are any changes made to the resolution wording at the meeting my absentee proxy ballot for that item will not be counted.

Resolved, that the proposed 2017-2018 Operating Budget be approved. My vote:

Resolved, that the Nominations Report of the Leadership Development Committee for Trustees and members of the Leadership Development Committee be accepted, thereby electing:


Board of Trustees
• Nora Carpenter (three-year term)
• Judy Harper (one-year term)
• James Schall (three-year term)
• Mariah Wright (three-year term)

Leadership Development Committee
• James Cassara (three-year term)

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