Dear Colleague,

As you may know, Aetna has filed the paperwork to acquire Humana, and Anthem has filed paperwork to acquire CIGNA. State and federal regulators are interested in knowing the prospective effects of these possible mergers on your practice and patient care. Today’s survey, furnished by the American Medical Association, will ask your opinion on these proposed mergers.

The survey should take about 8-9 minutes to complete for most of you; those who are directly involved in contract negotiations with payers will find a longer survey. 

Your individual responses will be kept strictly confidential and only aggregated data will be used in our reporting.

This survey, and any information collected in response, will be used by the Medical Society solely for the purpose of petitioning state and federal government concerning the antitrust issues raised by Aetna’s proposed acquisition of Humana and Anthem’s proposed acquisition of CIGNA. The antitrust laws prohibit the Medical Society from using any information collected pursuant to this survey for any anticompetitive purposes, including, but not limited to, using that information in discussions with health insurers and other payers in an effort to raise physician payment or otherwise increase physician compensation. The Medical Society will also not disclose any information received in response to this survey to its physician members without first consulting experienced antitrust counsel.

Please know that I will be deeply grateful if you will take a few minutes to participate. Also, contact me directly with any questions or comments. Thank you for all that you do and best regards.
6% of survey complete.