1. Introduction and Purpose

Our agency has been designated as one of ten New York State regional volunteer centers by the NYS Office of National & Community Service. The Regional Volunteer Centers (RVCs) will help raise the profile of volunteerism and increase the number of new volunteers serving across New York State.

The following survey attempts to establish both the service landscape for our region and a baseline of volunteer data, which will help substantiate volunteer impact that is measured and documented.

Information of this nature will also help your organization when justifying programs internally, preparing annual reports and financial statements, or seeking funding through grant proposals. We are hoping you will be able to provide the requested data for our online survey and we are also very interested in your candid feedback to how we can support your volunteer efforts in the future.

We expect to distribute this survey on a semi-annual basis. If you can plan to gather the required data filling out the survey will be less time intensive

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for all things volunteer!

Thank you!!

Question Title

1. Demographic Information

11% of survey complete.