From August 7th through August 16th, BACON Teens will be traveling to Honduras for the 5th time on our summer mission trip!  Tentatively, the plan is to do mission work in La Ceiba, where we will be partnering with a Nazarene church there to complete a soccer field, as well as do VBS programs in the area.  We also hope to connect again with Helping Honduras Kids, who operates a Children’s Home and Jungle School outside of La Ceiba.   

As with all our other trips to Honduras, we will be led by Tom & Amy Hanes!  Note:  You will need a passport that will not expire before the end of this year to go on this mission trip!

We will have an information meeting about the trip following church services and small groups on Sunday, March 4th.

We estimate the cost of this trip will be $1350.  Registration should go live towards the end of February, and we will ask everyone to fully register by March 25th, along with providing an initial payment of $200.  A payment plan will setup for the remainder of the amount due.

Full registration will be available soon.  However, we are waiting until later in February to get final details on our trip.  We would like to go ahead and find out who is interested in going.  We will be able to take around 20 people on this trip. If the demand is high, then we will select those who are older first.  This team will include teens, parents, and youth workers.

Fill out the information below and LET US KNOW YOU WANT TO GO! 

* 1. What is your name?

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* 3. What is your date of birth?  (Include year)

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* 4. What is a reliable email address for you?

* 5. If you are a teen, what is a reliable email address for a parent?

* 6. How well do you speak Spanish?

* 7. What experience do you have going on a mission trips?

* 8. What gifts or talents do you have that you feel would be helpful on a mission trip?