Thanks for clicking through. We're designing right now (September 2011) and we're very keen to deliver the tools that will be of immediate use to you. Please take 10 or so minutes filling in this survey, it'll really help us to prioritise what we offer in the first alpha (in a few weeks) and beyond. Many thanks!
Ian and Kyran.

* 1. Which of the following areas are directly useful to you now?

* 2. Which programming languages do you normally use?

* 3. Do you mainly write code for:

* 4. What do you spend your time on during the working day?

* 5. Please write a few lines about your programming and A.I. background to give us some context:

* 6. If you're working on a project that could use strongsteam could you write a few lines describing it to us?

* 7. If there's one thing related to the above that we could provide to make your life easier, what would it be?

* 8. Do you pay for any subscription services like GitHub, BitBucket, Basecamp and JIRA? We're probably going to offer a subscription service so we're curious to know how many people are comfortable paying for web-based services that are related to programming.