Makonsag Aboriginal Head Start provides Indigenous child care to Aboriginal children through a culturally relevant framework guided by the principles of the Aboriginal Head Start federal initiative.

In response to the need for Indigenous child care expressed by community members and Indigenous families, Makonsag has developed the following survey to help guide the planning process for newly created child care spaces in our culturally relevant program.

Our current Aboriginal Head Start program is offered in Vanier.

Your responses will assist the future planning by understanding your child care needs. We would like to know what program hours, structure and locations would be of interest to you.

* 1. Are you answering this questions as a:

* 2. How many children do you have?

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i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 3. What are their ages?  Please check all that apply

* 4. Have you or are you currently using child care (either at a centre or in a home)?

* 5. At what age did / will your youngest child start to attend child care?