ACYP stands for the Office of the Advocate for Children and Young People. It supports Zoe Robinson, the Advocate for Children and Young People and includes a team of people who aim to make NSW a better place for children and young people. 

ACYP's job is to listen to children and young people in NSW and promote their views to decision-makers. To do this well, we want to make sure we are talking to young people about what matters to them most. Find out more at

What we do with your answers: Our team reads every response that comes through. We summarise the results which we will use to focus our work on the right things. We may also share the results to the general public so they can hear from you too. You won't be identified in the report.
What it's about: We're going to ask about the issues young people face, and what you think should be done to address those issues. We will also invite you to register your interest to participate in our 2024 consultations.

While ACYP's job is to listen to young people about issues they face across NSW, the laws that shape our work say our role is not to support individuals on individual issues. If you need support, reach out to those around you. If you are unsafe or unwell, go to In an emergency, call Triple Zero. 
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