Dear Parents/Guardians and Family Members,

As partners in your child's education, your input is valued. Please take a few minutes to respond to this brief parent survey. This information will be used to help evaluate and strengthen parent and family engagement within our school. All surveys may be returned to Leslie Shepherd in the Parent Center, mailed to 847 Allgood Road, Flintstone, GA 30725, or completed online at

* 1. How welcome does the staff at your child's school make you feel?

* 2. Please check any of the following that would help you participate more often in school functions, activities, and planning events.

* 3. When is the best time for you to attend a school event for parents?

* 4. In the past year, how often did you communicate with teachers at your child's school?

* 6. What are the best ways for you to provide input regarding your child's school? (Please check all that apply.)

* 7. Do you have difficulties with any of the following?

* 8. Workshops and events may be offered at school based on the needs and interests of our parents. Please review the following list of potential workshop topics and rank them in the order of what interests you the most. (1=Most Interested, 8=Least Interested)

* 9. What types of training or programs to improve student academic achievement would you be likely to participate in if they were offered by the school? Please check all that apply.

* 10. Our school is required to set a side a percentage of Title I money we receive for parent and family engagement activities to actively engage parents in the academic achievement of their children. In the past, money has been spent to provide the school with a family engagement coordinator position and to fund the parent resource center. What are your suggestions for how Title I parent and family engagement money should be spent?