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Amandla Online
Training Dates: March 15 -19 or July 12 - 16 Application Deadlines: February 15 & June 14
Amandla is a series of organizing trainings designed to provide a strong foundation in the core skills and principles of building people power.   Amandla Online is a five day virtual course and is the basis of our organizer training. It focuses on unleashing your leadership and orienting you towards the work of building power. If you are new to organizing or looking to "get back to basics," this is the place to begin. Amandla Fundamentals or Amandla Online is a prerequisite for taking Amandla Praxis. 

Amandla courses are open to Black organizers currently working with an organization, with priority given to organizations whose director or lead organizer has attended BOLD. 
4B Online: Bold Basics for Black Bodies
Training Dates: April 26 - 30  
Application Deadline: March 22
This introductory/refresher course will support participants in deepening their understanding of and connection to their body’s wisdom.  Most of us have learned to compartmentalize our thoughts and emotions, and at best, take care of our bodies as objects.  Through coming home to the body and integrating our emotional and thinking selves, we become more able to manage life’s inevitable pressures with less reactivity and anxiety, to accept and trust ourselves and build trust with others, and to take action consistently that is aligned with our values and vision.

4B is open to BOLD Alumni currently working with an organization, with priority given to organizations whose director or lead organizer has attended BOLD.
Transforming Conflict
Training Dates: July 19 - 23  Application Deadline: June 21
This course is designed for directors and lead organizers to develop and support you in your role as an organization and movement leader who often faces the need to facilitate conflict. The robust curriculum for this course is taught by experienced teachers and practitioners and rooted in transformation for liberation. There are three domains of learning in this course; Political Education, Transformative Organizing & Embodied Leadership

Please be aware that applicants must have the explicit support of their organization and supervisor in order to participate.

We are committed to disability justice inside of BOLD. A disability justice framework “understands that all bodies are unique and essential, that all bodies have strengths and needs that must be met. We know that we are powerful not despite the complexities of our bodies but because of them. We understand that all bodies are caught in these bindings of ability, race, gender, sexuality, class, nation state, and imperialism and we cannot separate them” ~ Patte Berne

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