Senior League All-Stars Registration

The Senior League All-Star Tournament will be held on the weekend of the 23rd - 25th march 2018 @ Geelong.

We are in the process of working out whether we need a weekend trial or just mid week trials as in previous years.

To this end, we require players to register their interest before 10th January 2018.

The Senior League All-Stars Trials will be held on;

Trial 1:  TBA
Trial 2: TBA
Trial 3: TBA
The dates of the State Tournament are: 23 - 25 March 2018
** Please note that to be selected as part of the All-Star Squad, players must attend greater than 50% of the trial sessions
*** Please also note that if the All-Star team finishes in the top 3 at the State Championships, it will advance to the National Championships in Lismore, NSW in May. If the team wins Nationals it will advance to the Senior League World Series in the USA in July 2018

* 1. What is Players Surname

* 2. What is Players Firstname

* 3. What is Players Date of Birth


* 4. What are parent/guardian contact details