Northumberland County Landlord Survey

The Help Centre is a non-profit agency that services all of Northumberland County. Over the past 35 years The Help Centre has offered a number of services to meet the needs of individuals and families in Northumberland County. In collaboration with Northumberland County Social Services and a number of community agencies The Help Centre has taken on a new initiative.

The Goal: To engage with local landlords to house vulnerable individuals and families who are at risk of homelessness and currently experiencing homelessness.

Why: With the Vacancy rate in Northumberland County near 0%, finding safe and affordable housing for those in need is scarce. The community recognizes that engaging with private landlords is crucial to solving the housing crisis we are currently experiencing. 

How: First, we invite you, the landlord, to participate in the following survey. This program is for you and we want to hear from you. What would it take for you to house an individual who is currently homeless? We are building this program from the ground up and want your input to help shape the framework.


Please take this 10-minute survey to help us get a better understanding of renting in Northumberland County.
Your answers on this survey are confidential. 
If you do not wish to answer a survey question simply scroll pass the question.

If you choose to become involved in the Landlord Engagement Initiative, the contact information you provide cannot not be linked to your survey.