Thank you for responding to this survey. PARCC states have asked us to reach out to educators so we can make sure that the score reports are understandable and provide the information you need in order to help your students be successful. Your feedback will help us improve the score reports next year. 

You will already notice one big improvement for 2016; the score results will come much sooner – close to the end of the school year.

Thank you for your time to help us make a better report.

* 2. What grade do you teach? Select all that apply:

* 3. What subject(s) do you teach? Select all that apply:

* 4. Have your students’ parents/guardians received their score reports yet?

* 5. Approximately what percentage of your students’ parents have come to you with questions about their child’s score report?

* 6. Do you plan to talk about your students’ performance on the PARCC test with parents during parent-teacher conferences?

* 7. Which of the following most closely describes parents’ reactions to the score reports?

* 8. Which part of the score report generated the most questions from parents?

* 9. Do you feel that you are prepared to answer parents’ questions?

* 10. In what ways did you prepare to speak with your students’ parents about the score reports? Please check all that apply:

* 11. As a teacher, how useful are the score results useful to you in assessing your students’ academic performance?

* 12. What changes or additions would you recommend to make future parent score reports as understandable and useful to parents as possible?