Your Company and Workers

* 1. Which industry would your organisation fall under within the UK Visas and Immigration list? and in which of the following Scottish regions does your business operate?

* 2. How many workers does your organisation have in the UK?

* 3. Which of the following  groups constitutes the majority of your UK-national workforce in the UK?

* 4. What is the employment status of the majority of your UK workforce? What percentage of your UK workforce are EEA?

* 5. Which of the following framework groups constitutes the majority of your EEA migrant workforce in the UK? What is the employment status of the majority of the EEA nationals in your UK workforce?

* 6. Does your organisation perceive any advantages or disadvantages to employing EEA nationals in the UK?

* 7. Which of the following best describes your opinion to the following statement:

"The end of free movement would have a negative impact on my organisation, without alternative immigration routes my business would suffer considerably"

* 8. Does your organisation struggle to recruit suitably skilled UK workers?

* 9. Has your organisation made any contingency plans to cover a reduction in the availability of EEA migrants?

* 10. If your organisation has seen increase in the recruitment of EEA nationals, please explain what you believe the main driver of this to be.