* 1. Which blog content most appeals to you? (choose as many as apply)

* 2. New posts for Wish List are published, on average, five days a week; with one week-end wrap-up on Facebook each Friday or Saturday. If you follow on Facebook, do you prefer a daily status update on new posts?

* 3. Did you know that in addition to Facebook, you can also join Catherine Masi on Instagram and Pinterest? Which of these are you currently following?

* 4. Wish List is a creative extension of the accessory design shop, Shop Catherine Masi. What aspects of this work, if any, do you enjoy seeing on the blog?

* 5. Wish List is now open to reader comments and feedback. Do you prefer to leave comments on blog posts?

* 6. I'd love to hear your thoughts on my shop, as it's a continuous process of creating while still meeting the needs and style of a vast customer base. Which of the following current shop products most appeal to you?

* 7. For the past five years, I've been exploring scents for eventual use in perfume formulas. What is your favorite scent category?

* 8. Thank you for your insights and opinions! If there are certain products and/or colors you'd like to see in the shop or if you have additional comments/feedback, please feel free to share below...