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Welcome to the Yacolt Burn/Silver Star Trail & Access Survey

This survey is designed to get feedback from trail users and people who have been to Yacolt Burn Forest and Silver Star Roadless Area.  A group of stakeholders including the United States Forest Service (USFS), Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and trail user organizations are undergoing a planning process for this area.  These stakeholders (planning team) would like to hear from you regarding how you use these lands and and what you would like to weigh in on potential management and maintenance issues. 

It should be noted that this project does not cover the trails or lands of the Jones Creek (motorized) trail system on DNR lands just to the south of this project area.

The survey is designed to take you approximately 5-10 minutes of your time.  It may be helpful to print out or pull up a separate tab with this map...

We believe your input and those of everyone else will help us to better shape the vision for this area's future. 

We value your time and appreciate your feedback.

Thank you! 
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