* 1. What is your age?

* 2. Do you have curbside recycling service? If YES, how often do you use the Convenience Center?

* 3. If you do NOT have curbside recycling service, how often do you use the Convenience Center?

* 4. Do you use the bag-for-bag program at the Convenience Center?

* 5. Do you regularly “prepare” your recyclables before dropping them off at the Convenience Center? (this means rinse and dry containers, follow proper recycling rules, etc.)

* 6. Where do you normally recycle plastic bags?

* 7. Have you ever used our annual household hazardous waste (HHW) programs for household chemicals AND/OR paint disposal?

* 8. Which of the following items would you recycle if offered?

* 9. Have you ever used www.hcrecycles.org to learn about County recycling offerings, FAQs, or upcoming programs?

* 10. Would you participate in a drop-off organics (food waste) collection program if bins were provided at the Convenience Center?

33% of survey complete.